Culturally Responsive Practice: Understanding Self, Understanding Other

Brighton bypass: a case study of multiple perspectives
a class lesson that demonstrates culturally responsive education.

Purpose of lesson:

Students explored multiple perspectives as they considered the consequences of building a bypass round Brighton. The route of the bypass crosses land and country that has significant Aboriginal value.

Practices that are culturally responsive:

Aboriginal people were present and involved in discussions about an issue that is current and significant to them, where the students got to meet the people who were so radically affected by the decision to build the bypass.

Students explored a contentious issue through investigation, group role play, experimentation and the use of symbols to give voice to many perspectives. They were invited to think for themselves rather than being told how to think.

All children participated with a high level of involvement. They were encouraged to collaborate in a trusting environment where inquiry, imagination, flexibility, self-identity, collaboration, and respect was valued.

Different perspectives - Alternative views